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  • is hosting Parenting Without Frustration for Entrepreneurs 2019-08-27 14:47:52 -0400

    Parenting Without Frustration for Entrepreneurs

    How to create Harmony at Home 

    As an entrepreneur juggling the business and home life can be challenging especially when we have kids.

    Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

    1. Who trains us how to address everything we are going to face over the next 18 years?
    2. How do we address a child throwing a tantrum in the middle of the shopping mall?
    3. How do we deal with an eye-rolling teenager who isn’t listening?
    4. What do we do about a toddler who won’t go to bed at night?
    5. How should we handle kids who are constantly fighting with each other?
    6. “ Where did we ever get the crazy idea that in order to
    make children do better, first we must make them feel worse”

    Meet our Speaker Oliver Levy from the Mindful Parenting Toolkit

    From my perspective, parenting is the most important job of all jobs. However if you take a look at all jobs, they all have training manuals, rules, tools and guidelines yet none for parenting?

    The only training my wife and I got and for most parents is a birthing class prior to the birth of our first born and that was only a two day class.

    Every parent knows it does not come with a manual. Therefore we as parents must dig deeper than our own intuition, and the old paradigm of our own parents in order to grow successful kids.

    By registering for this workshop you will receive tools that can help you deal with frustrating situations at home

    You will gain a community that wants to support you on your journey.

    You will have the opportunity to work with a parenting coach to guide you on your journey.

    Also, you will receive a complimentary workbook, a link will be emailed to you after registration.

    We want to see you succeed as a parent and an entrepreneur. We must realize that these two things are intertwined and that we can help each other be better.

    Babysitting on site will be provided!

    September 27, 2019 at 6pm
    Empowered for Excellence Centre
    12 Rutherford Rd S
    Building 16 in back of parking lot, suite 205
    Brampton, ON L6W 3J1
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